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Under superannuation legislation, you must pay superannuation guarantee amounts to the employee’s nominated super fund at least four times a year. You can choose to make super payments more regularly than quarterly. For example fortnightly or monthly, so long as the total amount you owe each quarter is paid by the quarterly cut-off dates. The superannuation guarantee quarterly cut-off dates are shown in the following table. When a cut-off date for payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the date is extended to the next working day after the cut-off date.

    Payment cut-off dates for each quarter are:

    • 1st July - 30th September is 28th October
    • 1st October - 31st December is 28th January
    • 1st January - 31st March is 28th April
    • 1st April - 30th June is 28th July

    Under current legislation, the super guarantee contribution is counted as being paid on the date that the super fund receives it, not the date that you pay QuickSuper. The time that it takes for a fund to receive your payment will depend on the way you are paying QuickSuper (Direct Debit or EFT):

    • Paying by Direct Debit we must wait 3 banking days for the payment to clear before we make the payment to the fund.
    • Paying by EFT we consider the payment cleared as soon as we receive it, however there is 1 banking day difference until it is received.

    Please take this timing into account as well as national public holidays, weekends and your financial institutions daily cut-offs.

      Using the fund payment timings noted above, you should make sure you allow enough time for the payment to be received by the fund before the cut-off date. Please refer to the Australian Tax Office for more details on your super obligations.

        For end of financial year payments, to ensure contributions are shown on members 30 June benefit statements, it is highly recommended that contributions are remitted well in advance, keeping in mind the timing for various payment methods. This ensures adequate time for contributions to be received and allocated to a members fund, as late submissions may result in the contributions being applied to the members account the following financial year.

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