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Changes to sign-in process

A new Trust This Device feature is now available in QuickSuper. This simplifies the sign-in process for customers who need to access QuickSuper multiple times per day. Please refer to the Signing in to QuickSuper documentation for more information.

Important dates

All employers please note: To ensure that contributions are shown on members' 30 June benefit statements, it is highly recommended that contributions to default fund members are remitted and paid by close of business on 25 June. This date allows adequate time for contributions to be received and allocated to fund members in case of any banking or remittance issues.

If 25 June falls on a weekend, please ensure contributions are remitted and paid on the following business day.

Please note: Any contributions remitted or paid after the deadline stated above may result in the contributions being applied to member accounts in the following financial year.

Do not remit and pay for contributions intended to be indexed in the following financial year until earliest 1 July. Contributions remitted or paid before 1 July may result in the contributions being applied to member accounts in the same financial year rather than the next financial year.

Please also be aware that employers are obligated to make payments for each quarterly period by the below final payments dates, as specified by the ATO:

QuarterPeriodPayment cut-off
11st July - 30th September28th October
21st October - 31st December28th January
31st January - 31st March28th April
41st April - 30th June28th July

It's crucial to pay the correct amount of super by the cut-off date each quarter to avoid paying the Superannuation Guarantee charge to the Australian Tax Office.

You can choose to make super payments more regularly than quarterly, e.g. fortnightly or monthly, so long as the total amount you owe each quarter is paid by the quarterly cut-off dates.

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